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  • Why Your Resume Needs a Second Proof Reader?
    January 15, 2017 / 0 Comments
    Why Your Resume Needs a Second Proof Reader?

    Sometimes benevolence of strangers help us even if we do not depend on their help. In this regards, I would like to share my real life experience with you. One day, I was riding my bike and wanted to take a left turn, so I turned on my left indicator. I could hear the indicator’s sound, so I thought it was working properly, however, the person coming behind my bike told me that you didn’t show indicator and it may be very unsafe for you, then I checked my indicator and realized that the indicator bulb has gone.

    Now, it was something that I didn’t notice and it was very critical when it comes to my safety while riding a bike. I expressed my gratitude to that person and solved the issue from my mechanic.

    There was a second set of eyes that noticed the issue of my bike’s indicator and make me observed it as well. I might have assumed for a few more days that my bike’s indicator was working fine and someone on someday would have crashed into me.

    When I was thinking about my resume, the same thought came into my mind. A single silly mistake in your resume can hinder your chances of getting shortlisted or make your resume thrown out of the race and you Resumemay lose your dream job opportunity because of that silly mistake in your resume. That trivial mistake might be a typo error, grammar or spelling error or formatting issues such as wrong alignment of numbers or bullets or a sentence in a distinct font etc. Most of the times, we ignore to proofread our resume or even if we proofread it, we tend to skip such mistakes unknowingly. In such situation, someone else may help us in finding out if there is any mistake exist in our resume and we can avoid the potential loss.

    Before sending your resume to your potential hiring manager, it is very crucial to proof read every corner of your resume carefully. However, it is also important to have someone else, may be your friend or family member to proof read your resume. It helps you to find an unrecognized mistake that you may have skipped noticing mistakenly while proofreading your resume.

    Furthermore, if you create your resume with online resume builder such as, you may no need to take efforts to find out grammar and spelling mistakes. Online resume builder has grammar and spelling checker exist in its resume building wizard that automatically shows the mistakes in your resume and help you to rectify it.

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