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  • What's Go Wrong in Your Resume?
    November 15, 2016 / 0 Comments
    What's Go Wrong in Your Resume?

    You just come across a lucrative job opportunity. Sit in front of your PC or Laptop and open the Microsoft word document. Then you start listing your qualification, experience and skills in an organized manner. You make sure that you have utilized keywords in your resume that have mentioned in the job description. Well, writing a resume is not that much simple and easy. There must be a strong reason that many job seekers hire resume writing services or get resume writing training. There are many companies that arrange recruitment drives and speak about resume. Your resume reach to your hiring manager before you. It is the most important entity that help you to convince hiring manager that you are the best candidate for particular job position. So, where you go wrong while crafting your resume?

    1. Fail to make impact from the beginning of your resume

    Just like a compelling title of the story or article grab our attention and arouse our interest to go through that story, an attention grabbing beginning of your resume help you to make a right impression on hiring manager. Therefore, from the beginning, you should highlight your achievement and describe it in a well manner. For example, as a HR professional, in my previous job, I had evolved along with my team in the implementation of Human Resource Management Software which enable me to handle most of the HR processes such as employee recruitment, leaves, payroll etc.

    1.  Use objective and not summery or headline

    Every hiring manager or employer is interested to know how will you beneficial for the company? Why they should hire you? Objective indicates your interest in job and how company will benefit your career. It doesn’t shows your skills that benefits the company. Therefore, you should use a headline or a summary of your achievements and skills that shows how you will going to add value in company’s business or process.

    1. Fail to be relevant and specific

    Many job seekers believe that the longer resume makes more impact than a shorter resume. Due to this wrong notion, they add unnecessary information in their resume to increase its length. Employers likes to read specific and relevant information. Resume which is easy-to-read and having specific information certainly create good impact than long resume with unnecessary information.

    1. Resume Format and Typos

    Most probably, employers scan your resume within few seconds and decide whether you are suitable or unsuitable for a job position. Therefore, it is very important to write your resume in a proper format. Many candidates write there resume in paragraph format which make it difficult for employers to read resume easily and rapidly. Therefore, instead of using paragraph format, highlighting your strengths with bulleted statements surely enable employer to know about you in a glance.

    Typo and grammatical errors can make your impression bad. If there are typos and grammar errors exist in your resume, employer may consider you a lazy person or careless about the job. Therefore, take a time to find typo and grammar errors in your resume and rectify them.

    Resume writing is an art. It is not as simple as you think. It needs to have proper knowledge and skill. This online resume builder not only help you create a well-formatted resume, but also offer you resume help and tips to write a perfect resume for your job search endeavor.

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