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  • Top Frequently Asked Cover Letter Questions
    August 14, 2016 / 0 Comments
    Top Frequently Asked Cover Letter Questions

    Searching for jobs can be a daunting task for many job seekers at first. Though, there are lots of resources for information and advice, many job seekers even unaware about where to start. They have many questions in their minds. Here are few commonly asked cover letter questions. In this article, we have tried to answer those questions in a best possible manner. Hope, it will help you in your job search endeavour.

    1. What shall I include in my cover letter?

    There are few crucial things that employers expect to see on your cover letter.  They want to know how you knew about the job. From where you heard about the job.

    Secondly, employers want to see whether you meet the specification that described in the job description i.e, cover letter. Does your skills and experience relevant to the job? Are you a perfect match for the job position?

    Thirdly, employers want to know what makes you apply for the job position. They want to know that you have applied because you are interested in job or you have applied because you didn’t find anything better. Remember, employers prefer those candidates who are not only skilled and qualified but also really interested in the job.

    Finally, employers evaluate the overall tone of your cover letter in order to know that whether you are optimistic, friendly and easy to work with?

    2. What should be the length of my cover letter?

    Most of the cover letters are of one page long. Cover letter is a brief introduction of your resume that also showcase the summery of your experience. There is no ideal length for cover letter. However, the length of your cover letter depends on your experience and expectation of the job. Make sure your cover letter would be easily comprehensible for employer.

    3. Shall I explain why I am in the job market?

    This is one of the common cover letter questions that is asked by many job seekers. There is no obligatory requirement that you should explain why you are in the job market. However, if you have parted with your previous company for acceptable reason, then you can include that in formation in your cover letter.

    4. Shall I include my salary information?

    There are varied opinions on this question. Some say not to include salary information in cover letter, while others say that candidate should include salary information as it signifies employers that you are responsible and sincere.
    If you have any doubt about this question, it is better to not include your salary information in your cover letter.

    A resume with cover letter certainly help you to make very good impression on your prospective employer and help you get an edge over your competitors. not only help you in creating well-formatted, visually appealing resume but also helps you write a quality cover letter to make your resume special.

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