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  • Top 5 Resume Writing Secrets That Make Your Resume Shine And Help You Land More Job Interviews
    December 8, 2016 / 0 Comments
    Top 5 Resume Writing Secrets That Make Your Resume Shine And Help You Land More Job Interviews

    It is a terrible feeling when you post your resume on the job portal or send it to many employers but don’t get any reply or respond. It is very disappointing when you face such a situation after you put your efforts in drafting your resume. So you should ask yourself, what went wrong? Here we have brought you top 5 resume writing secrets that will surely help you in crafting a perfect resume that will land more interviews for you.

    1. Learn about the company

    Before you submit your resume, get the information about the company. Get to know about its services, products and processes. Do this homework online and identify how will you fit into the company culture. Read the history, mission and vision statement of the company and discover the company’s clients. Whenever you are resume writing at that time you should try to write your goal in a way that matches the company’s goals. Identify what brings success to the company and when you write your cover letter use this information in massaging that you include in your cover letter.

    2. Use Bullets, numbers and keywords

    Most of the hiring managers look specific points in your resume under specific sections. In order to highlight those crucial points, use bullets or numbers to show that points or statements.  They have a very less time span to scan your resume, therefore, highlighting your key areas with bullets and number help you grab their attention to your strength. It also makes your resume look appealing and make a positive impact on the viewer.

    Using keywords in your resume is as critical as using numbers and bullets. Keywords help you convey the major points that your potential employer wants to see in your resume. Use action verbs meaningfully in your resume to make it stand out.

    3. Promote yourself wisely through your qualification and experience

    Remember, your resume is not mere a document that shows your skills and competencies. It is like a promotional brochure that sells you in the job market. Therefore, when you write your qualification and experience, use relevant and effective wording that accentuates your strengths and represent you as a perfect candidate for the job position.

    4. User Resume Templates

    There are plenty of professional resume templates available online. Using these digital resume templates you can easily create an impressive and new resume within a few minutes. Also, you can tailor your resume according the job description easily. In this way, using resume templates, you can create different resume copies for different companies and improve your chances of getting shortlisted for interviews. In this regards, features many professional resume templates that you can use to create a job-winning resume.

    5. Post your resume on renowned online job portals

    Once you have finished writing your resume, submit your resume online on reputed job portals. Such a job portals have plenty of reputed companies as their clients. Hence, your resume is seen by various hiring managers and it helps you increase your chances to get an interview call soon.

    The above resume writing secrets will surely help you in writing a quality resume for your job hunt. If you don’t know how to write a perfect resume using proper resume format, layout and template then, start creating your resume with this online resume builder. It will help you create, manage and edit your resume in a very short period of time and you can send your resume directly to your employer once you created it with this online resume maker.

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