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  • Top 5 Resume Mistakes that You Must Avoid In Your Resume
    September 8, 2016 / 0 Comments
    Top 5 Resume Mistakes that You Must Avoid In Your Resume

    It is not you who meet your potential employer first. It is your resume that usually your first contact to your prospective employer and it has a potential to make or break your chances of get into the next step of hiring process. Here are some common resume mistakes that could cost you the job.

    1. Not able to show the results    

    If you are not able to show the results from the information you put into your resume especially information about your responsibilities, then it will certainly not make the right impression. If you paint your responsibilities in a way that they show the picture of results and expectations then they can be far more compelling.

    2. Keyword stuffing and information cramming

    It is very important that your resume should be easy to read. Hiring managers will not be able to read your resume if you try to stuff too much information using a small font size. If you perform keyword stuffing, then live human hiring manager will not be impressed with it when he will scan your resume.

    The biggest mistakes most of the candidates do is to overload their resume with information. Always keep your resume simple. Focus more on your accomplishment and experience. Make sure that you will not overload your resume with the keywords.

    3. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

    Most of the candidates make a biggest mistake that they ignore grammar and spelling mistakes and forget to proofread their resume before sending it to their potential employer. A mistake free perfectly written resume certainly gives you a competitive edge. Spelling and typo error are the most common mistakes we can see in most of the resumes. Such a mistakes make your impression bad and convey the message that you are not careless and serious about the job.
    If you create your resume using online resume builder such as, you can avoid such kind of mistake. Online resume creator has spelling and grammar checker that automatically shows spelling and grammar mistakes in your resume and help you rectify them.

    4. Irrelevant information

    Many times, candidate incorporates irrelevant information in their resume in order to make it large. However, irrelevant information is completely unnecessary and make strong part of your resume obscure.  Hence, put only relevant work experiences and other information in your resume.

    5. Not creating a job targeted resume

    Job seekers send generic resume to their potential hiring manager and fail to set them apart from the rest of the candidates. If you want to make a good impression and increase your chances of getting selected for job interviews then write a job targeted resume. Such a resume makes you a perfect fit for the job position.
    Think carefully when you write your resume. Don’t think it is mere an instruction manual. Remember, it is a promotional document that promotes you in the job market and show your worth. By avoiding the above mistakes, you can make your resume a perfect document that represent you effectively and help you land your dream job. is a perfect online resume builder to create a perfect resume for your job hunt. Visit it now and send a job-winning resume to your potential employer.

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