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  • Top 5 Reasons- To Get Your Resume Rejected
    February 24, 2016 / 0 Comments
    Top 5 Reasons- To Get Your Resume Rejected

    Are you trying to put your resume together? Well, I know it’s pretty awful if you are doing it for the first time. However, it’s not that much difficult or terrible as you think it is. Writing a resume is an art and writing a right resume is like a paving a way that takes you to your dream job opportunity. Here, I am talking about writing a “right resume” that is completely error free. Only such a resume can help you in making your way to seize your dream job opportunity. Therefore, you should know some crucial resume mistakes that help you to craft a right resume and save it by getting rejected from employers.

    Try now to create a perfect, job-winning resume and avoid the situation caused by the below resume mistakes.

    1. Irrelevant and excessive information

    If you say “I want this job” in your objective statement, it doesn’t add anything new or valuable to your resume. Summarizing your accomplishments, skills and qualification that convey your value or state how you are best for the job certainly make some sense.
    There is a difference between a complete job history and a relevant job history. Many times job seekers fail to recognize this difference. If your previous jobs are not in connection with the position you are applying for, then it may sink your chances of getting the job.

    2. Typos

    Typos or grammar mistakes are the mistakes that most of the candidate forget to rectify. With such a mistakes, you can’t claim that your resume is a perfect copy of your education, experience and skill summary. Typos are the mistakes that make your impression bad. It is better to ask someone proof read your resume before send it to hiring manager. Make sure you have not omitted words while customizing your resume.

    3. Lies

    If you are planning to lie on your resume in order to impress employer, then you are doing a very big mistake. If you lie about your qualification, experience and skills on your resume, then there are chances that you easily get busted. Resources like internet, your previous company, or reference checks can reveal the true information about you. Also, there are chances that you get a big promotion in the future but hiring manger discovered your lies, then it will affect your whole career. Therefore, stay away from lies.

    4. Bad Formatting

    You should focus on making your resume clean, clear and easy to read. Improper font size, alignment and spacing can make your resume difficult to digest for employer. Make sure you have used the right font size, the spacing between the lines is consistent, aligned the columns properly etc.

    5. Resume Length

    A resume with a long length may not read thoroughly. Resume is all about presenting your important information in a precise manner. The sole purpose of it to help you land an interview. A resume that has a moderate length such as one or two pages, certainly help hiring manger to acknowledge your skills and abilities quickly.

    6. Lack of Contact Details

    Inaccurate contact details or incomplete contact details may throw you out of the race. Therefore, ensure you have mentioned the complete and accurate contact details on your resume.

    Use our online resume builder to create a well-formatted resume that help you grab your dream job.

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