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  • Some Highly Valuable Resume Tips for Landing More Job Interviews
    February 15, 2017 / 1 Comments
    Some Highly Valuable Resume Tips for Landing More Job Interviews

    You may have a perfectly-crafted, precise and job targeted resume in your hand to send your prospective employer. Though your resume is so impressive and successful, there is no guarantee that it takes you to the job offer directly. Most probably, your resume brings you interview invitations and phone calls from hiring managers.

    Therefore, make sure to consider this prime purpose whenever you draft or edit your resume. It is your resume’s job to arouse the curiosity of your prospective employer and persuade him to call you for an interview. If you want your prospective employer make this vital move for you, then you must keep the below resume tips in mind while crafting a quality resume for your job search.

    Make it clear what exactly your employer is looking for

    This is the most important thing you should keep in your mind before start writing your resume. Read the job description carefully. Focus on the skills and responsibilities sections. Find out the key phrases and words from these sections. For example, if you are applying for the position of Sales Executive, then you may find skills such as good communication skills, analytical skills, report creation and maintaining etc. These skills and responsibilities are the keywords. Make sure to use these keywords in the wordings of your resume. Also, make sure to use keywords in your cover letter and resume summery.

    Don’t hesitate to apply even if you are lacking few credentials

    Strange things may happen in the job search. No matter even if you have less credential than required to apply for the job position. For example, if you have 2 years of experience and the job requirement is 3 years of experience, then don’t hesitate to apply. However, make sure that you should not draw the attention of the employer to this minor thing. Just apply and let your employers worry about the problem. Eventually, it is their decision to call you or not to call you for the interview.

    Set Yourself Apart from the rest of the pack

    Find out that credential, achievement or any personality trait that set you apart from the rest of the candidates. But make sure it will be relevant to the job position. Highlighting such information in your resume, you make your resume stand tall in the competition.

    A well-written and well-formatted resume is a key to make a first good impression and win half of the battle of job search. Make sure to use all the above mentioned resume tips while writing your resume. If you need any help in resume formatting, then use our online resume builder to create an eye-catching resume in just a few minutes.

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