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  • Make an Accomplishment- Rich Resume for Your Job Search Success
    January 11, 2017 / 0 Comments
    Make an Accomplishment- Rich Resume for Your Job Search Success

    Your Rich Resume should be future-oriented. It must be illustrate your career defining performances and the result you have produced. Showing yourself solving problems, meeting needs, contributing in business growth, driving profits and enhancing revenues by incorporating numbers, highlighting your strengths with bullet points and using meaningful sentences in your resume, you can demonstrate that you are in action. Therefore, once you succeed in identifying your accomplishment, everything falls into the right place.

    The most vital thing you should remember is to make a list of all your accomplishments and skills from your previous experiences before you start writing your resume. From this list, the accomplishments and skills that you find critical to include in your resume will highlight you as the best suitable candidate for the job position you will apply.

    Accomplishment vs. Responsibilities

    Most of the job seekers make biggest mistakes that they list their responsibilities in their resume. Hiring managers are not interested in knowing your responsibilities. They want to know what value you have added in your company’s success. They are interested in knowing your accomplishment, so they can judge your suitability for the job position. For example, if you are sales executive, you can make a statement that joined sales team to contribute in marketing efforts of organization and finished the sale target before the set timeline. Employers want to see such type of accomplishment.

    Hiring managers are well aware about responsibilities. They don’t want to know your responsibilities and past duties. They want to see your achievement and not the task you have performed in the past. Therefore, it is not wise to make a statement like “Responsible for” or “Duties included” in your resume. Such statements are so generic and not make much impact. Your action is important. What did you contribute? What did you learn from your previous job or training? What did you perform or create that exceeded the expectations of your team leader or manger? Speak about these things in your resume.

    Techniques to highlighting accomplishments in your resume

    Don’t waste your time in crafting generic resume. It will not set you apart from your competitors. If you really want to make a good impact on hiring manger, then first thing is to be remembered that target your rich resume to the specific job. Make sure that you have tailored your resume to each particular hiring manager.

    The second thing you should remember when you are in the process of writing an accomplishment-oriented resume is that to do research on the job posting for which you are going to apply. Keep your prime focus on the responsibilities section of the job posting. Understand what employer is expecting from the candidate. You will find the five to ten points under responsibilities section. Among those points, first few points are the crucial responsibilities. Find out the keywords from these points and use those keywords in your resume. When you highlight your achievements using numbers or bullet points, give preference to the achievements that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

    Resume is one of the most important entity in job search journey. In order to make this journey successful, you need to have a rich resume that represent your competencies effectively and present you as a best suitable candidate. An accomplishment-rich resume certainly hold the attention of hiring manager by presenting exactly what he is looking for. Therefore, make sure you create accomplishment-oriented perfect resume make your job search endeavor successful.

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