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Resume writing tips for experienced People

Resume writing tips for experienced People

Fresher candidates resume is usually general in nature, your resume should be great presentation of your track record, showing employer what you can provide for the company. How you are best candidate to fill the vacancy.

Give summary, not an objective specify your relevant skills which targets the employer/job needs, This must be highlighted or stated in bullet format. Write a resume in reverse chronological order, Write experience first, education later. Exact opposite of general fresher resume.

Write achievements, not just your job designation. Don't just write what was your job profile in previous company but state that what you learned and what you achieved while working in previous organizations/companies. Such statements reveals your extra potential to the employer.

Write activities that directly targets your self-improvement efforts, don't include hobbies.

Maintain length of resume. Though experienced candidates resume can go longer, write only accomplishments which directly relevant to your job needs.