Interview Questions

Job Interview
Why do you want to join this Company?
Job Interview
What are your greatest strengths?
Job Interview
Why did you leave your last job?
1. Why do you want to join this Company?

By asking this question, interviewer try to understand your knowledge about the company and want to know what you like about the company.
In order to prepare the answer of this question, you need to do research about the company. While answering this question, show your interest in company’s products and services and explain how the position suits to your career goals.

2. Why should we hire you?

Here, interviewer tries to find out about your skills and evaluate your suitability for the job position. When such a question is asked to you, explain your key skills and achievement and try to match them with the job requirements. Support your statements with examples. Speak about your qualification that best suits to job position. Be specific. Overall, whatever you say, try to meet the expectation of employers.

3. What do you think of working in a team?

The interviewer try to determine whether you are a team player or not. Here, you can tell the advantage of working in a team. You can explain here, how team efforts are better than individual efforts to accomplish certain task. If you have any personal experience working in a team you can give that example to make your answer more effective.

4. How would you describe yourself?

This is one of the common questions that are asked in most of the interviews. Interviewer asks you this question to determine whether you are the best fit for the job position and company culture.
Before responding to this question, keep in the mind the position for which you are being interviewing, work environment and company culture. While answering this question, focus on the qualities that makes you the best fit for the job.
For example – I am a team player and people’s person. I really enjoy being with people and meeting them. I am an organized person who like to focus always on producing results. I enjoy solving problems and come up with innovative solutions in a timely manner.

5. What are your greatest strengths?

To answer this question, you need to research about the type of task you need to perform for the job position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for customer care executive then from research you will find out that this type of work required to communicate with people, working in team, promotion of product and services etc. Once you understand the task then you should incorporate this into your strengths.
Example – My greatest strength is that I enjoy communicate with people and convey them my ideas effectively. I am known for a clear communicator and a great listener, whether I am engaging with customers or colleagues. I think my ability to effectively communicate with others enable me thrive in a team setting.

6. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Most probably, this question is asked by Interviewer to determine your stability. This question help interviewer to know whether you are looking for the job as a stepping stone or you need it for a long time. Here, a long time doesn’t mean 5 to 10 years. It may be 1, 2 or 3 years.
You need to answer this question smartly such as, though no one can predict the future exactly, I see myself on a good position in the company and playing a responsible and important role. I see myself 5 times powerful than today after 5 years.

7. What are your salary expectations?

Interviewer ask this question to determine whether you fit in the company’s specified salary range or not. If you don’t have any idea about the salary range for the job you are applying for. Don’t state the exact range or number. Here is a risk that you might undersell yourself or express the expectation that beyond the company’s salary range. In this situation, it is better to say that I am expecting salary as per company’s norms and as per my experience and qualification. If you are an experienced candidate you can say that I have 2 years of experience and obviously I expect more salary than my previous salary.

8. What do you do in your free time?

This question is asked to know whether you have any hobbies or you like any activity that might help company or help interviewer to get idea about what kind of person you are outside work.
Describe the hobbies or activities that are relevant to the job position in some way. Don’t state any non-creative such as listening music and watching television.

9. What are your weaknesses?

Nobody want to reveal their weaknesses. Here, turn your weaknesses into your strength by stating them in a smart way.
For example – I never like incomplete work. Sometimes I take it to my home. It may affect my personal life, but for me the work come first.

10. Tell me about yourself?

It is the most common question and seem very easy to answer. However, it is a trick used by interviewers to make you reveal information that you should not to reveal. Tell me about yourself doesn’t mean that you should tell everything about yourself. Here describe your attributes in a way that address the need of organization. Make statements that caters to the needs of the company and its people.