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Welcome to Panacea's professional Free Resume Builder, with which you can create your resume in just few minutes by using our step by step guided wizard. You can directly print and download your resume in Microsoft word and Acrobat's PDF format. Our online resume builder offers over 118 well formatted professionally designed

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to choose from.

Now creating a great looking resume and cover page takes just only few minutes... Fonts and page sample layouts are all pre-set for best resume sample style. With our Helpful Tips and samples our members can create an effective and targeted resume with Panacea's online resume builder.

Are you looking for a job, and need to send your resume to prospective employers? Or do you have your Curriculum Vitae and want to write it into a great looking resume?

How to make a resume?

Create a professional looking resume with cover letter with the help of Online Resume Builder.

With Panacea's professional free online resume builder, you do not need to download and install any software neither you need to learn any complex program to create your resume. It's as easy as it can be, a step by step resume creating wizard guides you. Help is available on each step of resume creating. A large list of powerful keywords and phrases are available that helps you create a resume which comes up on most of the searches that employers and recruiters make.

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We pride ourselves in offering most feature rich online resume builder. With our entire customer's feedback and our dedicated team of professional recruitment consultants we constantly update our online resume builder. On popular demand we have added following new features to our Panacea's online resume builder:

(Latest) Now you can arrange your resume section as you want e.g. You want to highlight your achievements so you can move the Achievements heading to the top. It's very effective to highlight your strong area. Likewise you can re-order any of the resume section be it your Education, Achievements, Skills or Work History

(Latest) You can create your own custom resume section e.g. Hobbies, Career Highlights, etc. Isn't it great!

Are you looking for a job, and need to send your resume to prospective employers? Have your Curriculum Vitae and want to make it into a great looking resume? Write a professional looking resume builder with cover letter with the help of
How to write a resume?. With more than One hundred styles resume and professionally designed templates to choose from, creating a great looking resume and cover page takes just minutes. Fonts and page layouts are all preset for best resume styles. With our Helpful Tips and samples our members can create an effective and targeted resume with Panacea's Free resume samples easily.

Special Features :
Our New Special Resume Features :
(Latest) Now you can arrange your resume section as you want eg. Eduction, Achievements, Skills, Work History
(Latest) Also you can customize your own resume section eg. list of hobbies, career highlights
(Latest) You can add your photograph to your resume to make it look more professional and impressive.
(Latest) Panacea's with over 118 well-designed resume templates for you to choose, you're only two steps away from your perfect resume, just login and create your resume online.
(Latest) Free online Resume Hosting We Allows employers to view your resume 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, to get a better job.
(Latest) Fifty Standard Entry Level Interview Questions Click here to view.
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We have created more than 60,000 resumes online and are still helping users to create a better resume online.
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Stressed, looking for a job!

Searching for a job can be a very stressful journey. There would a couple of things coming into your mind like, what if I don't get a desirable job, what if I am not paid what I am worth. Etc. etc. Just take a deep breath! It's quite natural to go through such feelings, but what is important is to be positive during your job search journey.Read more

Why to use an online resume builder?

Want your dream job? Well, that's not really very difficult with our assistance. Getting a job depends completely on the confidence you have with your available resource. Now you must be wondering what that resource is; it's your resume. Surprised? Yes you even should be, a number of recruiters and we believe that your resume is a window to yourself. It expresses things that you cannot put across verbally. Resume is the most important resource for screening applicants. So why not invest your precious time in the most important factor in getting your dream job .Read more

How To Choose Online Resume Builder Software

Are you a job seeker and concerned about how to write a resume? Don't worry, everyone else find it difficult to write a resume for job. Utilizing online resume builder tool is a great way to successfully produce great resume. What is an online resume builder tool? - An online resume builder tool is a software for creating job resume and cover letters. There are several online resume builder tool available over the Internet but make sure you choose only one that is best. Below are tips for choosing best online resume builder software. Read more

What Is An Online Resume Builder Software Online resume builder is a tool for job seekers to create resume online in minutes which provide help on how to write a resume with professionally designed resume templates. It minimizes job seekers time and efforts and produces a well organized structure of job resume. A job seeker can't ignore the importance of a resume. You get only one chance to convince hiring manager for getting an interview. Writing a resume seems very confusing and difficult task for any job seeker. An online resume builder tool help you to easily craft out a resume that matches requirements. Read more
        I was pleasantly surprised when I met with a human resources manager who told me that my resume (the one you created) was 'the best resume he had ever seen in all his years of experience.' Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks a million times over - I got the job!
- Thomas Morrow, NY

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